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Classification of waste by a danger class

For various objects - pollutants of air and water, chemicals and waste according to normative industry documents
danger classes are established.

According to are established by the state standard specification 12.1.007-76 standard "Classification and the general safety requirements" of the Ministry of natural resources of Ukraine in the territory of all Ukraine 5 classes of danger of production wastes and activity of the person, and also extent of influence on environment and criteria of harmful effects are established:

1y a class - extremely dangerous. Extent of harmful effects on environment of waste of this class is characterized as "very high". Accumulation of waste of the first class result irreversible violations in ecological system, and the period of its restoration is absent.
2y a class - highly hazardous. Extent of harmful effects is estimated as "high". Ecological equilibrium of system is strongly broken, and the period of system recovery and its components makes not less than 30 years after full elimination of a source of influence.
3y a class - moderately dangerous. Average extent of harmful effects with the self-restoration period of 10 years after decrease in level of influence.
4y a class - low-dangerous. It is established extent of harmful effects on environment is low, and the period of restoration makes of 3 years.
5y a class - almost harmless. Extent of influence - very low, ecological system and its components are not broken.

Besides classification of waste by their origin was created.

So waste 1,2 and 3 classes of danger belongs to the industrial wastes formed as a result of productions and activity of various enterprises and organizations. Their number includes the fulfilled oils, oil slimes, acids and alkalis, the fulfilled accumulators and tires.

Waste 3 and 4 classes of danger is classified as construction. Such waste can be formed as a result of construction or demolition of buildings and constructions. As a rule understand fight of a ceramic tile and brick, wood waste, crushed stone, the stiffened solution and fight of glass, scrap metal and a container of paints and varnishes as waste of these classes.

In inhabited sector and office buildings, in educational institutions and shopping centers, at the airports and bus stations waste of the 4 and 5 class of danger is formed - it is municipal solid waste. Besides carry road garbage and large-size waste to them, it can be the furniture and things, glass, paper, plastic, food waste.

The Ekopromgroup company provides services in utilization, transportation, placement and waste disposal of all classes of danger. Specialists of the company in a complex approach the solution of questions of recycling for this reason we guarantee high-quality performance of work and the obligations.

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